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Place Name open minded & child Collectible display
Average Rating 4.7
Place Address 19649 san Jose AveCity the IndustryCA 91748-1410USA
Vicinity 19649 mountain Jose Avenue, City of market
Phone Number (909) 444-7955
International Phone +1 909-444-7955
Place Type store, point_of_interest, facility
Opening Hours Monday: ClosedTuesday: ClosedWednesday: 3:00 – 9:00 PMThursday: ClosedFriday: ClosedSaturday: 9:00 to be – 5:00 PMSunday: close up door

Location Information

Full Address 19649 mountain Jose Ave, City that Industry, CA 91748, USA
Street Number 19649
Route mountain Jose way (San Jose Ave)
Locality City of market
Administrative Area Level 2 Los Angeles county
Administrative Area Level 1 California (CA)
Country United claims (US)
Postal Code 91748
Postal password Suffix 1410
Type store, point_of_interest, facility
Latitude 34.0002216
Longitude 34.0002216
Geo Location (34.0002216, -117.8752513)


★★★★☆ rod N

merchants I connected with were nice, friendly and also helpful. Many were busy but took the time to answer inquiries about details figures ns was looking to buy. Kinda expensive, but if girlfriend shop around, girlfriend can discover vendors offering great deals (sealed and loose figures). They require sales, so make it a victory win and you might take house some great figures.The food court can be a little an ext organized and cleaned up a bit. Lots of traffic, gain here early!The Warehouse is stuffy! they "the owner of the warehouse" need to supply pan to assist keep the waiting flowing. Happy shoppers happy merchant sales.Overall a great place because that collectors, and also cool cats alike. A fun and exciting ar to visit and also find part pretty cool and also awesome figures. Enntrance gate is FREE, therefore this place is household fun too.


★★★★☆ Cintya Leal

great place. Has adjusted a lot transparent the years. Perform not go throughout the summer! You have actually been warned! Lol it gets super warm in there and also all they have actually is fans in part places. In the winter its no so poor since you can just wear warmth clothing however in the summer the a frigging oven!


★★★★★ soulassassin0g

If you"re into Magic the Gathering prefer I am climate this is the place to go. My only complaints would be; #1-parking is cost-free but detect a clues is damn close to impossible. Ns recommend taking the bus or riding her bike there, if girlfriend live in your ar like i do. Or park your vehicle some blocks away, there"s a residential community near by, and walk there; #2-DON"T go in throughout the summer, it it s okay REALLY hot in there, and if you do go in, obtain in and out as conveniently as friend can. You carry out NOT want to it is in in over there for an ext than 5 minutes. Likewise the smell of some of these nerds is unbearable, BO and taco breath, it it s okay really poor when it"s hot; #3-They. Literally. Charge. You. Just. To. Sit. Down. And. Beat (card games)!?! That"s ridiculous! That"s the whole suggest of the game, is to communicate with various other players and difficulty them to view who"s the best. I additionally don"t like how you can"t buy, sell or trade v anyone else various other than the vendors, and also yes they will certainly ask girlfriend to leaving if girlfriend don"t comply. Various other than that this is a great place if you"re right into Magic, or yugioh, or Pokemon, or noþeles collectible favor comic books, figurines, etc, this is where you"ll discover it. Some merchants have similar stuff yet with various prices so I imply walking roughly before you decision to purchase what the is you"re looking for. Some merchants will also work through you so don"t be fear to haggle through them. Carry money, there"s one ATM in there and also some vendors do accept debit but I suggest you lug cash, several cash, to trust me you"ll end up spending every one of it and also you"ll still feel like you need to of carried more.


★★★★☆ Matt Rowe

among the finest collectible industries in the IE/LA County. Prepare come spend in between 20-40 minutes wait for parking though. I understand it"s not the venues fault, yet there are hundreds of yards that emergency area on the sides of the roads where friend can"t park. Occasionally I just leave and come earlier a various weekend if it"s too busy. I feel sorry for every the vendors who shed potential sales for human being that leave since of the severe absence of parking.I"d imply parking a couple miles away and also Uber-ing in. Otherwise an amazing place.


★★★★★ Jim Herr

What do you collection comic books, sports items, trading map or video game cards that any form or action Hero numbers or really any other variety of collectibles this is the place to go. It"s a warehouse that has multiple and I do average multiple various vendors whereby you have the right to shop about for the best price ~ above the details comic or collectible you"re feather for. I price this location A++

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