This page provides details top top Safeway distribution Warehouse, located at 16900 W Schulte Rd, Tracy, CA 95377, USA.

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Place Name Safeway distribution Warehouse
Average Rating 2.2
Place Address 16900 W Schulte RdTracyCA 95377-8985USA
Vicinity 16900 West Schulte Road, Tracy
Phone Number (209) 833-4700
International Phone +1 209-833-4700
Price Level moderate
Place Type storage, point_of_interest, establishment

Location Information

Full Address 16900 W Schulte Rd, Tracy, CA 95377, USA
Street Number 16900
Route West Schulte road (W Schulte Rd)
Locality Tracy
Administrative Area Level 2 mountain Joaquin ar
Administrative Area Level 1 California (CA)
Country United claims (US)
Postal Code 95377
Postal password Suffix 8985
Type storage, point_of_interest, facility
Latitude 37.7181282
Longitude 37.7181282
Geo Location (37.7181282, -121.520119)


★★★☆☆ Lisa Pritchett

landed on 2200 the the night prior to an 0800 appointment the complying with morning. There wasn"t any type of overnight parking, as far as I could see. However there to be a delivery area ns parked in for the night. I had the ability to check-in as shortly as ns arrived. At 0530 obtained a contact to dock for unloading. Unloading was quick, it was wait for the bills that took part time.


★★★★☆ anne Finley

I had a shipment there, I chose to unload my 9 skids, everyone on the dock to be helpful. Many thanks guys!


★☆☆☆☆ Manuel Alvarez

load a having lunch & plan on continuing to be there if ur HOS is halfway, guard shack world are nice, lumper people are nice together well, the issue its in the receiving office. They will certainly take their time to offer BOL to u. U gained ur products and also u got ur money, give us the paperwork therefore we deserve to go and also have a good experience here.


★☆☆☆☆ Tim Postlethwaite

No respect for chauffeurs time offers lumper fees after they have actually unloaded the freight and expects the driver to hurry and get the money come them. Slow on acquiring the paperwork back won"t take checks just Express codes or card ns won"t be ago if i can help it

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★☆☆☆☆ Candice glowing

0 stars!! Rude! Unprofessional! us arrived an hour early and checked in.. Waited over an hour for a door contact then defense threatened united state saying if we didn"t dock at the door within 3 minute they"d provide our door away and also send us home. Then we proceeded to sit below waiting for 10 hours to it is in unloaded! critical time we were below it take it 4 hours to be unloaded and second 3 hours to obtain our paperwork. Absurd