When a user do the efforts to accessibility the Discord app or website, the Discord error 1105 is presented on the computer system screen. This error has been report on various versions of home windows such as home windows 7, home windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

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The error blog post advises the user to visit Cloudflare, as the error might be because of a server issue. However, there might be other reasons for this error. If you conference the same problem, don’t worry. Remain tuned for more information around this error.

What is the reason of Discord error 1105?


Discord or CloudFlare server problem: It transforms out that one of the many common reasons of this error is a server trouble that directly affects Discord or CloudFlare (the service used by Discord). In this case, there is nothing to do but identify the problem and wait because that the developers to settle it.

Limited network: If girlfriend are associated to a limited network (hotels, schools, work, or windy WI-FI) the is feasible that Discord is purposely blocked through the network administrator. In this case, friend can shot to contact the network administrator or try to circumvent the difficulties by setup up a VPN.

Damaged applications data: If you view this error quickly after a fail Discord update, it might be because of corrupted data stored in the AppData and also LocalAppData folders that space interfering v the link process. To settle this error, you have to delete the components of these two folders and restart the application.

How to fix the Discord error 1105?


Remove corrupted application data

Damaged local Discord data is additionally the cause of the Discord 1105 error. Corrupted data commonly occurs as soon as a new Discord update is interrupted before the procedure is complete. According to user reports, deleting corrupted applications data have the right to fix Discord error 1105.

Open the Run window by pressing the Windows and also R keys, then form %appdata% and also press Enter.Go to the AppData folder and also find the Discord folder through swiping through the installed applications.Open this folder through double-clicking and press Ctrl + A to pick all the contents, climate right-click ~ above the contents and select Delete. After that, all the data will certainly be deleted.Open the Run window again, kind %localappdata%, and click OK.With the neighborhood AppData folder open, locate the Discord folder.Open this folder and also select every the content it contains, climate right-click and also select Delete.Finally, restart Discord to view if Discord error 1105 is fixed.

Check for errors on your server

The main reason for Discord error 1105 is a server issue. Server errors deserve to be regarded Discord or Cloudflare. Us recommend that you inspect your server for errors as quickly as Discord error 1105 appears.

Fortunately, girlfriend can inspect the standing of both sites on their condition pages. Click below to inspect Discord’s status. Obtain real-time reports ~ above server outages and troubleshooting progress.

Switching to another network

Discord error 1105 likewise appears once connecting to a border network, such as a job-related network, hotel Wi-Fi, etc. This happens since the administrator the the connected network is restricting your accessibility to Discord or your internet connection is unstable.

In this case, try switching to an additional network, such as your home network or VPN. After convert network connections, operation Discord to view if error 1105 has actually been properly resolved.

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