GREENFIELD – mayor Roxann D. Wedegartner announces the opening of a totally free testing website as part of the Commonwealth’s stop the Spread testing initiative in Greenfield and the collaborative efforts in between the Commonwealth, City that Greenfield, Greenfield neighborhood College, and CIC wellness of Cambridge, Massachusetts. The CIC wellness Stop the spread out Greenfield site is located at Greenfield ar College (Sloan Theater) in ~ 1 university Drive. It support the testing of asymptomatic people (i.e., people with no COVID-19 symptoms) and is cost-free for every Massachusetts residents.

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Hours of operation the main of Monday, January 11 are:

Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 8AM-3PMTuesday/Thursday: 12-7PMSaturday: 10AM-2PM.

Staring Monday, January 18, the hrs will be:

Monday/Tuesday/Friday: 8AM-3PMWednesday/Thursday: 12-7PMSaturday: 10AM-2PM.

NOTE: hrs are updated together of September 3, 2021:

Monday & Tuesday 8 to be - 1 pmWednesday & Thursday 1 afternoon - 6 pmFriday 8 to be - noonSaturday & Sunday 9 to be - 1 afternoon

According to market Wedegartner, “Greenfield is thrilled to have the full support and also weight of the commonwealth of Massachusetts behind this COVID-19 testing initiative – we have seen plenty of residents that Franklin County utilize this form of testing service and thank the State for their attention and assistance. This expanded, totally free COVID-19 experimentation initiative could not have actually been possible without the explicit support of the republic of Massachusetts – consisting of HHS Secretary Marylou Sudders, Greenfield neighborhood College president Salomon-Fernández, GCC director of Public safety Alex Wiltz, Greenfield health and wellness Department manager Jennifer Hoffmann, greenfield Fire chef Robert Strahan, and also our partners at CIC Health. Give thanks to you!”

CIC health is facilitating the ongoing, no-cost COVID-19 PCR trial and error at the Greenfield site for people 2 year of age and older. Testing is by meeting via Minors (under the period of 18) need to be add by a parent or guardian.

Individuals carry out not require to current an ID at the Greenfield, or any, avoid the spread out site. When world register because that testing, castle will must share some an easy information in order come receive crucial updates native CIC Health and its collaborators, be informed of results, and also speak with a contact tracer if they check positive. If an individual does not have a computer, smartphone, email address, or web access; a parent, guardian, caretaker, or loved one can register on your behalf.

CIC health and wellness facilitates the “gold standard” RT-PCR test. The is self-administered through a simple, shallow nasal swab and takes simply a few minutes. On-site staff can assist parents/guardians with collecting younger minors’ samples if needed. Test outcomes are usually ceded in 24-36 hours.

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For more detailed information and also answers to various other questions, examine out CIC Health’s FAQ in ~